Face Chain for Lalafell

Simple jewelry, meant to be combined with others. Feel free to release any edits you make to this, just provide credit somewhere!
Technically it works for all 4 ear types, but it looks best on 1 or 2.

I know the nose piercing looks like its not connected to the nose but it is!!!!! My lalafell is just a furry!!!!!!!

Custom made earrings.
Made using blender, 3ds max, and photoshop.

please do not use this for nsfw lalafell purposes, thank you.

my links:
discord: http://discord.gg/lalafellin
kofi: https://ko-fi.com/gravityshifter
carrd: https://gravityshifter.carrd.co/
tumblr: https://gravity-shifter.tumblr.com/ (best way to view and dl my free mods)


hello i like making cute lalafell things and im bad at communicating

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