Premium Content: F Viera 3 Based Makeup – Purple Reign

⬦ Mod Name: Purple Reign
⬦ Author: SeriiBerry
⬦ Gender/Race: F Viera 3 Based Sculpts
⬦ Availability: Paid

———————— ੈ✩☾ ✧ ☽✧༺ ————————

♡ Royal Purple + Red themed makeup inspired by the ideas of my friend Whisper
♡ TTMP + Loose PNG files for alternate styles
♡ This makeup was fitted on Vanilla Viera Face 3 and the following sculpts:

Kazino by Sai
Ashe by Nera

♡ Bigger previews:

————————ੈ✩☾ ✧ ☽✧༺ ————————

Perms and Disclaimer

♡ Non-refundable
♡ Do not release as your own
♡ Do not use as a part of any commission/mods (free or paid)
♡ Do not share any paid mods to anyone else
♡ Please note how the makeups look in different sculpts/skin tones before you pay for them as they might not fit the specific sculpt/skin tone you intend it for
♡ Personal edits are completely fine but are not to be shared. Personal edits are for personal use.
♡ Multi and Normal maps were created using Waifu2x

———————— ੈ✩☾ ✧ ☽✧༺ ————————


♡ Rosemint for Diffuse upscales
♡ Moles Facepaint by Cupid featured on previews (
♡ My friend Whisper for allowing me to release a version of this makeup

————————ੈ✩☾ ✧ ☽✧༺ ————————

Thank you!

————————ੈ✩☾ ✧ ☽✧༺ ————————

Contacts for questions and shop edits

♡ Twitter/X: @SeriiBerry_xiv
♡ Discord: seriiene
♡ Ko-Fi:
♡ Carrd:

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