Premium Content: Etched

Simple, maybe tribal, or decorative. I just really ended up liking the patterns on the face.

Comes with a black version, and a white version.

For Male viera face 3 only.

(This is a ttmp2 file.)

– Don’t generally post rules for my stuff, but essentially, don’t share the file with others, don’t rip the texture and claim it for yourself.

– You’re allowed to make small PERSONAL edits, or combine stuff with other tattoos (you can request the png from me if you want to layer it) but no reselling of my texture WITH your edits.

– The usual general rules and such.

– Feel free to reach out to me if something breaks, and I’ll do my best to walk you through it or fix it if I need to.

Join my discord for current WIPs and updates, or for easier contacting!




Yo, I'm just an awkward and XIV alt obsessed guy who enjoys doing occasional art stuff. Most of my stuff is gonna be for male viera and male miqo'te probably, because I'm obsessed with them and they're pretty much all I make as far as my own characters lol. I'm disabled so this is kind of my side income. Join my discord if you want to keep up with my WIPs and make suggestions! If any of my links or downloads don't work, please let me know. I'm kinda new to this so if there are any issues I apologize.

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