Premium Content: espada

sharp, cyberpunk miqo and/or aura sculpt with dark & light makeup concepts.
angular features with cyberwear details.

all f miqo and/or aura sculpt
♔high-poly model
♔lashes & brows retexture & custom dye
♔2 makeup options with and without cyberwear
♔toggle-able cyberwear
♔toggle-able ear flaps or horns
♔vanilla or black and white horns
♔3d teeth with fangs
♔iris texture & gradient heterochromia
♔custom normal and multi for cyberwear
♔obj to send with commissions
♔ttmp with all faces & makeup options

*makeup based on miqo 102
*no shape keys
*weights will vary slightly on different faces

preview mcdf available by clicking the preview button above!
load mcdf in mare settings by checking ‘open mcdf import window when gpose loads’

use appearance window in ktsis to toggle facial features, change hair color, skin color etc!


i like to make pretty things EST | USD

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