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Premium Content: Eri Horns

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Hello People! 


The Eri Horns were made by Vortex and Yaomi by scratch.

We have different Color Variations.

For all races and Genders! :>

You can change the colors of the golden jewelry on the B matt 16 row and diamonds on the C matt 16 row!


Because the Diamonds needed a glass matt, I wasn’t able to make it compatible with penumbra if the matts didn’t exist already!


The Jewels comes in the colors:

— Purple
— Turquoise
— Red
— Blue
— Green



— No refunds. All sales are final
— Personal Edits are allowed but have to stay private
— Please contact me or Yaomi via Discord if you want to edit parts of the mesh!
— No reuploading on any discord, Website or anything related to it!
— Do NOT claim this as your own!
— Don’t use parts or the entire Mod as a base for your creations!
— This is a paid mod. Do not share unless you bought another copy for the person.
— Attention for Vanilla miqo’te ears: They clip if you don’t pose them away! We decided this because we wanted the horns to be this close to the head!

For more stuff, feel free to join our discord :>

Insane Asylum

Use the #tanakiposes on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creations :>

Other than that, have fun!

Hope you enjoy this collab!


Vortex & Yaomi


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