The Glamour Dresser

enchantment -a gshade preset-

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long time no new preset?

i’ve been tinkering for like. ages? idk tbh. trying to get this one right. it’s hard for me to commit to shaders bc i always adjust or readjust thanks to my mood. ANYWAY.

this is along the same mood of my other sets. kinda dreamy and soft. this one has LOTS of red and orange, so if you want a more muted set of tones, please feel free to toggle off the faustus LUT or readjust in general to more suit your needs. by default it’ll load in on my “gameplay” friendlier settings, so if you’re popping into gpose i recommend toggling using the adof/cinematicdof settings as well as the atmospheric density to get more of the vibe from the preview shots.

i’ve also included my settings for vertical previews and the twitter aspect ratio just to make it easier for checking how things will look down the line! everything should be nice and tidy and easy to toggle off and on as a result, basically.

please feel free to use the #mornmods if you’d like me to see what you make with these! i always love seeing stuff out in the wild, as it were.

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