Premium Content: Elvandra

Public Release: Vaulted

Made from scratch ♥

Uses Lithe+ Almond Chest (Small, Medium, Large), Lithe+ Plum Legs, Love+ Legs

This outfit was designed to be quite “dirty” looking, so lighter colours will not be very bright, I’ve included a preview of the pure white dye in the photos.

Expect clipping, I did my best ♥

Programs Used



Substance painter



✹ Private edits only

✹ Do not redistribute or upload anywhere (sharing with 2-3 friends and within your household is okay)

✹ Do not port to other games

✹ Do not claim as your own

✹ Absolutely no nsfw ports to Lalafel, NO nsfw use in minor characters

Do not use my mods for any sort of bigotry


Illy, Tsar, Bizu for Bibo+

Lye for Lithe+

BéanMouse for original design


Download Links





Henlo! my name is Naori, formerly known as Luna/Rheya/Shionne! And I'm slightly obsessed with modding, I currently offer content such as; clothing hair makeup sculpts & some things in between. I started modding in late 2019, and have been persistent to improve the quality of my content every day since. I sometimes do ports, but mostly focus on custom content. I don't follow a set genre/style (I just make what I'm inspired to!), so you can find a variety of looks from me! I really hope you enjoy my content! And thank you so, so much for your support, I wouldn't be here without it.

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