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September’s Fourth Release
Unlocked for Sweet & Hime patrons / Public → 31 October 2023
→ Made from scratch using Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter & Photoshop
→ Thanks Kiko for the Nymph + Rue+ upscales ♡♡♡
→ Use #RilMods if you end up wearing these ♡
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Important Information
Fully dyeable, Colorset row info in readme file.
5 dye options for accent & harnesses, 4 metal colour options.
Metadata Toggles
A = Removes extra belt + straps on the pants (also toggle in texture modpack)
Calfskin Rider’s Set (Chest & Leg)
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Bibo+ → All default sizes & Uranus
Bibo+ Tre → All sizes
Lithe+ → All Sizes
Bibo+ Nymph
YAB+ → All sizes
Bimbo+ → All sizes
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Terms of Service
TLDR; no nsfw lala, no eve body. i dont really care if you share my stuff with 1-2 people but 3+ is a crowd. edit however you want but please keep it private until mod is public.
1) Do not port to NSFW Lalafell bodies or Eve body. SFW lalafell bodies are fine for porting only for my SFW mods.
2) Do not redistribute my work in any way, shape or form. I don’t mind if you share it with like, your best friend or your partner, but don’t share it to a whole crowd of people.
3) Do not claim as your own work.
4) Do not resell any part of my work, even heavily modified. All of my custom mods are fully handmade and designed by me.
5) Do not take/reuse any part of my work.
6) For currently paid mods → All edits must be kept fully private
7) For public mods → Public edits are okay, but you must provide full credit and link back to the original mod.
8) Do not port any of my custom content outside of FFXIV, even for personal use.
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Hiii, I started off uploading ReShade presets, then poses. Now I’m uploading mods too. I upload atleast 5 clothing mods per month! If you want to keep up with updates, I suggest following my Ko-fi or Twitter I’m best contacted via. Twitter (@Ril_FFXIV) for any issues/enquiries.

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