eden mama


Vanilla gear mashup for fem talls!

replaces Edenmorn Gown of Healing

-for vanilla bods only

-dyeable except for jacket *this is because during testing I felt it would be more aesthetically pleasing to make the jacket undyeable. I’m also still learning about modding and colorsets so hopefully one day i’ll add more options! thank you for understanding!*

Known Issues:

-some clipping in the chest for larger chested models

– some minor clipping and gaps in other areas with certain poses/actions

share your gposes to #ephiestuff on Twitter!

Important stuff:

1. Editing/Upscaling, ports to other body types/genders is ok(and encouraged!) but please give credit for original :)

2. The stuff I make is FREE! Please don’t monetize it if you are posting an edit/port.

3. wcif friendly!


learning to make mods and wanted to share stuff i've made!

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