‘Dyeable’ Oracle Top


Edits the textures so it makes the top Dye Friendly.
Please Note, you will not be able to dye the top freely, you need to use Anem/Glamourer

By default, the lace dyes lighter and the ribbons dye darker, feel free to edit this to your liking with the colorset editor built into TexTool :)

Search for the top in item list > Texture map colorset >
the top most row of colours is the ribbons. Change to 100 or 202 for Same Colour or Lighter, respectively.
The one below that is the metal, keep this as it is, unless you want to change the colour of it too.
One below that is the Lace. Change to 100 or 101 for Same Colour or Darker.
The bottom one is the main top colour. Change to 101 or 202 for Lighter or Darker.

If you need help, let me know.

Edit Perms:

Feel free to edit this as you see fit, use it in mods, or build off of it. But Please do Not put the mods behind a paywall ( temp or perm ), and do not use it in Commissions of any kind ♥



I'm Lukey#6969 on Discord ! I'm in the Glam Dresser Disc, just search Lukey and you should find me :) *Commissions are open 99% of the time, just send me a DM. If you find a bug or issue, message me about that as well. *Feel free to use any assets i've made in public or private edits. Please ask before doing paid edits.

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