Dreamspinner Vest: A Vanilla Mashup

I have adored the Mheg Deaca set since the very first time I saw it, but the very costume-like look meant it wasn’t something I’d often use, if at all. I wanted to learn how to add transparency to things and this robe came to mind to trim up!

It’s a mashup of the Mheg Deaca Robe, the Academic’s Coat, and the Hypostatic Tunic of Aiming. It dyes and glows, but since its a diffuse your mileage will vary and lighter colors/pastels seem to give good outcomes.

The metals are colorset to match the Fae weapons from the 73 ShB dungeon. Any weapon from that series should have the same Pewter-like metals and match iirc.

+ Affects: Mheg Deaca Robe
+ For: Midlander Based Males
+ Contributors: Square Enix for Vanilla Assets

Please feel free to port, edit, upscale, etc, to your heart’s content. Paid edits are fine, too, please support your favorite modders, I insist! Credit would be nice if you or your favorite modder decide to do any of the above! ♥


Possibly three dachshunds in a trench coat.

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