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Don’t bully me, I will cry – Shirt for most talls

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Is your WoL bully material? Do they cry at the slightest bit of pushing? Then boy is this shirt for you!


  • Ladies Summer Indigo Shirt
  • Guys Extreme Survival Shirt

Fits MOST bodies except for:

  • Roe male
  • Hrothgar
  • Lalafell (both genders)


  • Like the original shirt, the sleeves are dyable.
  • While you can use the color set 0 to dye the base shirt, I wouldn’t advise it because I have NO idea how it would affect the text.
  • The bigger the boobs, the more the cleavage is going to eat the center text. I am very sorry Roe ladies your booba is just too powerful.

Permissions of Use:

Thank you to my FC mates for letting me bully them.

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