Premium Content: Diamond Lullaby (Bibo+)

Public release date: 12/09/2022
Also available on Ko-fi if you prefer a one-off purchase.

A black bodysuit with a pretty diamond pattern & diamond shaped cutouts on the legs, paired with a knitted, cold shoulder crop-top.
Made 100% from scratch by me in MD, Blender and Substance Painter.
Thank you to Meo for the inspo~ ❥

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above and is fitted around Bibo+ Small.
– You may encounter minor clipping in certain poses/animations.
– The crop-top & patterns are dyeable, however the bodysuit part stays black! You can change its color via MAT B colorset row 16.
– The pattern is a tad bit pixelated when you really zoom in on it (not as bad as some vanilla stuff tho lmao). I spent hours smoothing it out as much as I could. This is the sacrifice I had to make in order for it to be dyeable. (∩︵∩)

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