Diadem Vesture: A Vanilla Mashup

I was wanting a more personalized look for Botany since I do a fair bit of gathering and crafting. I really like the idea of looking like you’ve been stomping through the woods for hours and have gathered up all sorts of things.

This combines the Moonward Vest of Aiming, the Fieldking’s Shirt, and the Virtu Goeta Coat.

More previews, dye previews, and colorset row info found in the Ko-Fi description.

+ Affects: Moonward Vest of Aiming – Switch to what you prefer!
+ For: Midlander Based Males
+ Contributors: Square Enix for Vanilla Assets

Please feel free to port, edit, upscale, etc, to your heart’s content. Paid edits are fine, too, please support your favorite modders, I insist! Credit would be nice if you or your favorite modder decide to do any of the above! ♥


Possibly three dachshunds in a trench coat.

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