Diabolos Wings Recolor & Effects Pack


Easily create a customized look for your demonic appendages, change them to suit different glams and characters, and show them off anywhere~

Carefully selected hues and effects give a nice look under all different kinds of lighting. The 13 colors can be combined with one of five effects for a total of 65 unique looks for the Diabolos Wings.

This can be combined with any mod that affects ONLY the diffuse (possibly recolors) or material (possibly glows and effects) by setting the other mod to a higher priority. My other mods will be able to combine with these, check details on other creators’ mods to see if they will work together.

This does combine with my free PriDEMONth wings/horn pack so you can place the effects on a rainbow base, found here:

Commissions/Tips/Original Mods: https://ko-fi.com/nameless_dream

.nameless dream.

Fulltime Computer Science Student. Freelance artist & designer. Gallery/Shops/Commissions/Socials on website. 3D assets and modding: Ko-Fi shop.

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