Devil’s Roses

Prop Name: Devil’s Roses
Replaces: Wind-Up Cursor
Files: A single ttmp2
Please contact me if you see any issues!
-Known issues- The roses only are half animating outside of gpose. Not really a problem, but THEY ARE OK!! It has been tested in gpose.
File size is big for some reason, I’ll be trying to fix that. First time making a variant color pack.

✓ Please use #Koenstudio on twitter! I love seeing your work.
✓ Join Discord for some exclusive poses, see what I’m working on, and to share or socialize! –
✓ Feel free to edit it as you like but PLEASE credit me for the porting!
✗ Please do not upload this to any discord or other website if it’s not me doing it, also don’t claim at your own.


Hi I'm bear. I am a hobbyist at pose/mod creating and I hope you enjoy my work! Feel free to come join my Discord to see previews, WIPs, or just to hang out!

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