Darkness – A Set of Shaders for Gshade

A set of four shaders inspired by the romance between Tate and Violet of AHS.

♡ Tate ♡
A golden toned shader that emphasizes the character by muting down the colors of the background, meant to represent how Tate was the golden child surrounded by darkness.

♡ Violet ♡
A neutral brown toned shader with hints of purple, inspired by Violet’s color scheme and her overall vibe.

♡ The Only Light ♡
A soft, glowy shader, that boosts the light rays from light sources to give an ethereal feel to the image.

♡ Go Away ♡
A desaturated blue toned shader that adds a motion blur to the background to give the feel of someone disappearing.

All shaders were tested on both light and dark skinned characters, characters with deeper skintones will most likely need an in game light placed to illuminate them. To get the mood in the previews, the shaders are best used indoors, or during cloudy weather, but should work fine in most situations with in game lights and brightness adjustments.

Below are the installation instructions if you have chosen the default locations for gshade on PC.

Please place the presets in the following location to use them:
Program Files > Square Enix > Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn > game > gshade-presets

I would love to see your photos! Please use #FacinaturuShaders if you post them to social media so that I can find them. Thank you!

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