Premium Content: Dark Phoenix (Bibo+)

Public release date: 12/10/2022
Also available on my Ko-fi if you prefer a one-off purchase instead of Patreon.

An Arena of Valor port. Three piece set featuring a beautiful, feathery bodysuit-gown, a long necklace with a bird skull, and a circlet with some more feathers. It’s a perfect outfit to scratch that witchy itch~.
Thank you to Cat for being such a stunning model! ❥

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above to work properly and is fitted around Bibo+ Small.
– Everything including the necklace is dyeable via Anamnesis.
– Some clipping may occur in certain poses/animations. XIV doesn’t like overly long gowns like this one, and it doesn’t help that I’m not amazing at weight painting. I did my best tho! It is poseable so at least for poses you can fix any hiccups.
– In the game this piece comes from, you’re not supposed to be able to see under the back of the gown, so the butt area is uhhh extremely wonky. DO NOT LOOK AT IT OR I WILL CAST A CURSE ON U. </3

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