Premium Content: Cyno ✹ Makeup for Viera 3/103

Following all the love dear Zhongli has received, Cyno is now available ~


This makeup is inspired by Genshin Impact character Cyno, still aiming for a modern look. Features sexy brown-toned eyeshadow, black liner and brown lips to match. Has some neutral-brown soft contour to give more depth to the face. Overall, I’m really proud of this release!

This product contains:
➵ Makeup diffuse for male Viera, faces 3/103.
➵ Universal specular map for ideal color vibrancy on all skin tones.
➵ Lipstick compatible!

As I do not own any Viera F3-based sculpts, I haven’t included any previews using these. They should still work fine – sometimes even better than vanilla! – and I’d love to see what y’all come up with your lovely ocs ♥

If you’re looking for no-shader preview pics, please open the following Imgur link:


Please keep in mind:
✢ This is a digital product: once you buy it, you’ll always have access to it. Therefore, there are no refunds!
✢ Do not claim this mod as your own.
✢ Do not use my work as base for yours.
✢ Personal edits are fine, publishing them are not!
✢ If sharing to others, please purchase another copy.

Any questions, criticism or praise? You are free to contact me via Discord (giulinha#1999) or Twitter (@ffxivdiana). Have a wonderful day!


Thumbnail model wcif:
➳ Hair: Cassius by Junevona
➳ Eyes: Kumiho by Runa

diana ♡

xiv creator from brasil ツ