[CT] Pink Miw Miisv

NOTICE: This mod is a PMP only because Textools kept exporting my colours weirdly. A PMP can be imported into Penumbra the same way you can import a TTMP file into Penumbra but it cannot be imported into Textools! I’m really sorry, I’m still trying to figure it out.

This is the first mod I made that actually messed with materials… little baby cloudyTraveller crying over the fact that Miw Miisv is still blue.

Recolour of the Miw Miisv to make it more pastel pink-ish. I tried my best. Should also include VFX!


Tipping isn’t required, please don’t think it is. I just would like everyone to also enjoy the silly little edits I do to mounts and minions like I do.


x–Private/ personal editing is okay!
x–Please don’t claim my work as your own.
x–Please don’t reupload by itself or as part of a pack.


they/ them // i'm really new to this so i don't actually know what i'm doing just yet but please bear with me while i do my best

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