Cropped Dress–Vanilla Gear mashup

✦ Name: Cropped Dress
✦ Mod Type: Vanilla Gear mashup of Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic and Loyal Housemaid’s Apron
✦ Affects: Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic
✦Races & Genders: Tall females
✦Comments: Purse is on a separate item (acc) so it’s removeable and works with other outfits too. Dress will likely experience some minor clipping around the waist when doing extreme movements but anything major please let me know.

Tag me on twitter or instagram I’d love to see!!!

Poses used in preview #posesbyleah. all other mods used in this preview pic are not mine and I do not claim them as such.


My name is Mika and I'm the posemaker behind MochikoPoses. I started posing a little over a year ago and have been making my own poses for a few months. I'm still very much a new posemaker and learning a lot with each new pose and posepack. You'll primarily find solo female poses with the occasional couple pose.

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