Premium Content: Croa – Ears & Horns (F AuRa)

calling all elvish succubi! a set of ears and horns for all fem aura’s. i’ve been wanting a set that looked like this so i made it on a whim :)

there is a wearable version for those who have sculpts (on the princess’s peach corsage), but this will only work for aura’s, no other race. please feel free to port yourself or you can commission me for a small ko-fi (i woulda done it i swear but i have time constraints and this already took a while lol)

this also comes with a set of piercings made for the horns and ears! they are on the asphodelos/limbo ring. please feel free to edit, remove, add to, whatever, just no reposting ofc

the face versions are made using yuria’s aura face kit upscaled textures, and are neckless and black/white, so if you have neck scales or vanilla you will need to set yours to higher priority!

i’d like to thank the following: miette for elven ears resource, yuria for aura face kit, and mishkia for horns resource

i’d also like to thank croa for the inspo and preview pics, as well as dva <3

this was created by me in blender, substance painter, and gimp – contains paid and free assets

any issues at all please reach out on my server!
♥ fat cat coterie ♥

– Do not resell/repost/redistribute mod files.
– No refunds as this is a digital product.
– Please do not share the mod with friends, have them purchase their own.
– Private edits okay!

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