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Thank you to Illy and Tsar for the Bibo+ textures & body. Also thank you to , Lilith , LexPrayerFreyaRiver, & my Zultanite tier Patrons for testing & previews!

Because this is a digital product: All Sales are Final, No Chargebacks!

REQUIRES BIBO+ You may get it here

ALSO REQUIRES NECKLESS AU RA FACES  I would highly recommend using a kit like this one here or here if you don’t use the Face Scales/PSDs provided.

Overall Notes:

  • Comes in 14 colorways: Raen Vanilla & Xaela Vanilla (with a twist), Black, White, Opalesence, Black Opal, Amethyst, Corrupt, Crystal Tower, Emerald, Fire, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, and Sapphire.
  • Comes with Normals to have the scales pop and Multi for darker tones for skin and faces
  • Includes Transparent PNGs and PSDs so you can easily apply these onto existing textures or edit how you like! I also included a gradient mask for the base scale color and color changer to the flakes by default on the Diffuse PSDs.
  • Because of the crazy amount of customization this requires Manual Install for Skin & Face textures! Scroll down to learn how to install via your preferred method!

Body Scale Notes: 

  • For Au Ra & Midlander-based bodies. Compatible with Raen skintones. Midlanders use the Xaela marked stuff!
  • Comes with an updated 4 options for my blush: Red/Pink, Purple, Blue, and No blush.
  • Comes with a Gen 2/Vanilla variant with an updated blush made specifically for Gen 2.
  • Like all au ra scales normal edit seams are to be expected. I tried to reduce them as much as I could, although on some colors it’s a smidge more obvious.

Face Scale Notes: 

  • Non-Transparent PNGs are for Au Ra Faces (1-4)
  • 4 different scale options
  • Normals for scales by default hide the horns on faces for the Crystal Horn & Tails, if you’d like to unhide the horns, simply go into the PSD provided and hide the “horn hider” layer and then go into the Multi PSD provided and uncheck the coverup layer.

Crystal Horn & Tail Notes: 

  • For Au Ra Tails 1-4 and 101-104
  • Comes in a TTMP2 separated by tail # for easy installation.
  • Options include model type (Horn 1, Horn 2, Horn 3, Horn 4, or Tail only) and colorset (all 14 colorways included in the skin & face scale textures)
  • I included the FBX’s, colorsets, and textures for those wanting to mess around on their own.
  • This does work for Westlake’s Improved Au Ra Tail! All it would require is combining the tail with the horn you’d like to use to get it to work.
Feel free to post your screens on Twitter with it and use the #CrysCorner so I can see them and RT them!!

To install:


For the Body

Character > Body > Your desired Race & Gender

Install The Gen2 version onto Mat A, then scroll over to where your Bibo+ texture is and install the Bibo+ version there. You will need to do this for the Diffuse, Normal, and Multi


For the Face

Character > Face > Desired Race & Gender

Use the dropdown to pick the face #, with 101-104 for the sub species. You will need to press import and then import the diffuse, normal, and multi.


In Penumbra

Please follow this guide!! You will need to use this for the diffuse, normal, and multi


Hi! I'm an animator & illustrator that does mod work on the side sometimes! Thanks for looking around!

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