The Glamour Dresser

Cozy Leggings

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Affects Everyone:
* Cotton Tights (and Variants)

* Wear for Share! #marimods
* Texture Options: Plain, Snowflakes, Gingham, Knit.
* Lalafell model options of Normal and Beans.
* Made primarily for lalafell and tall races may not look optimal but they aren’t bad. (Previews on mod page)

Beans Information:
* Beans is required!!
* Compatible with certain Beans feet only.
* I recommend using Penumbra collections to set this as lalafell only or your character only.

* Please do not use my files in NSFW.
* Please do not convert my files into other lalafell bodies or shapes. (Vanilla and Re[de]fined Lalafell bodies are ok. Chubbier scaling is ok.)
* Please do not repost or make money off of my original files or my files that you have edited.
* Please do not send this file to a friend, have them buy their own.
* You may edit this file for SFW personal use only.

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