Convoker’s Shortened Boots

The Convoker’s Thighboots are very pretty, but I always found myself wishing I could just use the actual boot part of it, without the thigh-length bandages.

This mod does exactly that, removing the bandaged sections of the Convoker’s Thighboots and lengthening the remaining boot enough to make them into knee-length boots. As this involved editing the metadata, it affects all races and genders.

Because I also like putting heels on boots, I’ve added a chunky medium heel as an option for Midlander-based models only. You can choose which genders get heels separately.

There are three colourset options available:

  • Original: This option keeps the original colourset. However, as the bandages were the only part of the boot that was originally able to be dyed, this effectively makes the boots undyeable.
  • Default: The standard option for this mod, which makes the boots dyeable. The brown trim on the main body of the boots will dye darker than the main colour.
  • Gold Trim: The boots are dyeable, and the brown trim has been changed to match the gold trim on the boot cuffs. (This is the variant in the preview images.)

Lastly, I’ve also ported all of the above options to the Anemos Expeditionary’s Boots (and all shared models, with edited coloursets), so that everyone can wear them. This is completely standalone from the main mod, so you can use both if you want or just one or the other.


Just a bird trying to make some pretty mods. I primarily focus on the vanilla aesthetic, making mashups and edits to existing content.

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