RESOURCE: Chocochomps teeth DevKit

Chocochomps teeth DevKit

BLEND files and FBX files of higher poly teeth for ALL


If textures don’t show up File > External Data > Find missing files > [target the textures folder]

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: teeth are resized and edited to fit each race & each gender. ♥
Only replaces teeth, you just need to delete the teeth on your face model. Please keep the mouth socket.

Prefered usage with the skin shader.
Can be used with the standard shader, preferably with a diffuse + included colorset.
If you use the standard shader without a diffuse map (not recommanded) the average values for the teeth colorset are:

  • Row1: #513333
  • Row2: #8c6e6a
  • Row3: #afa19f
  • Row4: #95908f

Use the race & gender rig corresponding to your race used.

Example: Sculpt is F Viera face 1 base, used on F Miqo’te → use F Miqo’te rig

All races & gender have their corresponding armature and are resized to fit the vanilla head model.
Fangies teeth (shorter fangs) are similar length as LorFangs.
Fangers teeth (longer canines) are longer than LorFangs.



  • Rig for each race and each gender (16 BLEND files): complete rigs for the teeth + all the options
  • Rigged models for each race, each gender, each option (128 FBX files):
    • Human teeth
    • Human teeth + toggles
    • Human gapped teeth
    • Human gapped teeth + toggles
    • Fangies teeth
    • Fangers teeth
    • Shark teeth
    • Shark teeth + toggles

Textures for:

  • Skin shader
  • Standard shader
  • Teeth colorset (including a PSD for layers)
  • Alternative mouth color for Raen (blue tinted)


The rig is organised per option.
If you don’t wish to use face toggles options, you can simply delete “… as toggles” collections.

2 bases available:

  • Human teeth (basic teeth)
  • Shark teeth (sharp jigsaw teeth)

2 fangs options available:

  • Fangies (sharp & longer incisors + canines)
  • Fangers (sharp & longer incisors + even longer canines)

1 front teeth option available:

  • Gapped front teeth
    ⚠ Only for “Human teeth” base, completely replaces “Human part 3.1”.

“Human teeth” & “Shark teeth” have options to use fangies, fangers or gapped front teeth on face toggles.
⚠ “Shark teeth” & “Human gapped teeth” cannot be used as face toggle options as the topology is not compatible with “Human teeth”.

Fangs options for “Human teeth” & “Shark teeth” can be imported as they are in the DevKit, (part 3.4, part 3.5, part 3.6, part 3.7) and set on face toggles. (atr_fv_[letter of face toggle])

Major Praline

Leon he/him

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