Catcraft!’s Furyu Tail for F Au Ra

Catcraft!’s “Furyu Tail for Lalas” ported to fem Au Ra. Port by Amaryllis with permission from Catcraft.
I only ported the short fur version because that’s what I wanted for my OC.

Requires the original “Furyu Tail for Lalas” mod to work (

Affects fem Au Ra tail 4
– Comes with 3 different lengths: Short, long, XL Length
– XL Length is really only meant for screenshots! It can look wonky and clip at times so use it for gameplay at your own risk.
– I recomend using Customize+ to edit the tail to your liking

Tail dyes with the following:
Base tail: hair
Fur: hair highlight
Underside: limbal ring color

Thanks to Catcraft for the original mod!

All perms follow Catcraft’s perms. Please ask them for permission if you would like to do anything with their tail.

If you decide to port this specific version, you are free to do so but please make sure you have Catcraft’s permission first!


Gposer - Sometimes I post the mods I make for my screenshots

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