Cashmere Poncho (TB2.0)

Upscale of the Cashmere, Ramie, and Serge Ponchos to The Body 2.0, all body types included.

(* preview picture by me.)

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  • Cashmere Poncho
  • Ramie Poncho
  • Serge Poncho


  • Midlander
  • Highlander
  • Miqo’te
  • Elezen
  • Au Ra


  • Male


Tags: #abs #cashmere #chest #clothing #gear #pecs #poncho #ramie #red-mods #serge #tb2 #the body 2 #type 1 #type 2 #type 3 #type 4 #type 5 #type 5 curvy #type 5c
Permissions: You must credit Tsar and Rayrei for their work. Furthermore, this mod inherits the permissions of all other mods used in its making.

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