CandleBlooms presets-Full pack Update

CandleBlooms – Presets (Formerly known as PurpleCocoon)

– Made to work with Reshade after a move to Reshade from Gshade Please follow this guide:
– Will not work as intended with vanilla reshade shaders. It need gshade shaders .fx like explained in the guide above.

– Contains 97 presets, 69 of them enhanced & 4 new ones:
Skintones collections (dark, pale and grey), 24 presets.
Feelings collection, 11 presets
Grimoire collection, 9 presets
Astral collection, 12 presets, 1 for each zodiac sign
37 screenshots presets (Including 2 new); 4 gameplay presets (Including 2 new)
All the previews are in the folder will be added to the Ko-Fi gallery

To install:

1-First delete all my old work: The textures files under the name “MayaName.png” in the “reshade-shaders-Textures” & all of my presets under the name “Maya/Maya Purple cocoon” in the reshade folder “reshade-presets” please.
2-Then Put the folder “CandleBlooms-Presets” containing the .ini files into reshade-preset folder, and the layers/Stage textures .png files from the folder “Candle-Textures” into reshade-shaders-textures folder.
-!! Do not click “active on top” on top of Reshade in any preset. Cause there is bonus shaders you can toggle ON/OFF that are ‘Off’ by default in many presets. AND the vertical previewer + aspect compo are set up in every preset, ready to use for your portrait shots!🫶Enjoy!

-If you have any issue with Layers texture and/or stage depth not showing, drag and paste the content of the folder “Layer shaders fix” (Shaders fix folder) into reshade-shaders-shaders folder, overwrite if windows asks. -If you have compiling issues after updating to Reshade 5.9+ drag and paste the content of the folder “Compile error shaders fix” (Shaders fix folder), overwrite. I found them on the discord “Rika’s shader porting”. A huge help since the migration.

**TOU: – Copying or modifying these presets/textures files for second distribution without my permission is totally prohibited. Also don’t claim them as yours. – Modifications and adjustments are allowed for private use only. – The sale is totally prohibited. Feel free to use the #CandleBlooms on social medias, i’ll love to see what you create with!




Hi i'm Candle - She/They I'm the creator of #CandleBlooms Reshade presets formerly know as "Purple Cocoon", all made with care. Less active in the presets creation since late 2022- I update regularly but create new ones only sporadically. I'll also soon share poses under the #posesbycandle Love <3

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