button tank

my first clothing port~ its not perfect but its cute and comfy

comes in six different diffuse patterns, all of which are dyeable (but i mean, only a couple should be dyed)

for middie-based fem bodies only

mesh provided by dreamgirl
body by bibo+ and lithe+
textures n stuff by me

any issues or help needed, please reach out to me on my server
♥ fat cat coterie ♥

thanks to croa and cotton for helping me with preview pix

– Do not resell/repost/redistribute mod files
– No refunds as this is a digital product
– Please do not share the mod with friends, have them purchase their own
– Public edits okay!, but please give credit to dreamgirl and myself
– Upscale/downscale, but please do not port to Gen 3 or Eve bodies
– Do not claim as your own