Bunny ears

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🍣NAME : Bunny ears
🍣 RACE :lalafell
🍣 REPLACE : tamamo headband
🍣 GENDER : female & male
🍣 CREDITS : Rha for the original loop ears model and Saku for the original idea of the ear place for lalafell and dot version
🍣COMMENT : people kept asking me about this mod that was removed from XMA, so I decided to recreate it from scratch with several versions. Pattern are dyable with highlight
🍣ADVERT : no modification
🍣 LINK:More mods otopop or vanilla Join us ! : https://discord.gg/c-est-la-vie
🍣 🍄 You will see more oto mod? look to the portfolio https://trello.com/b/osq370os/portfolio-otopop

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