Bound to You Harness (Top + Bottom) – Bibo+ Nymph

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Original mod by Alee:
Thank you Alee for allowing this conversion!  (I meant to write Bound to You on the preview photo but I was sleepy kaljgfslkgjaslkgjlas)

On request, I removed the bikini and put the harness on a ring.  LEFT is for the top and RIGHT is for the bottom part of the harness.  There is a looser version for over tight clothes (Shire Conservator’s Ring), and a tighter version for under loose clothes or no clothes (Shire Pankratiast’s Ring).

Permissions:  Please respect Alee’s permissions!  Please don’t claim my edit as your own.  This section to be updated soon w/ more info + links to servers I post mods in!

Thank you Shion for the preview photos <3

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