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Ears replace the aetheryte earring for all races except Hrothgar.
Miqo, Au Ra, and Viera have separate modpacks for it to work on their tails (miqo&aura) and their ears (viera).
Highlights / miqote ear movements are not included.

Custom made ears. The ears dye with your hair, the fluff and jewelry are dyeable via colourset editor. (On the earring version, anamnesis/glamourer can be used to dye the fluff)

Please note:
For viera and miqote you will NEED to remove their ears and find a modded hairstyle to cover the holes left behind

Made using blender, 3ds max, substance painter, and photoshop.

1 .Do not port to other games without my explicit permission (private use is okay)
2. Do not use for variant media for commercial use without consent (eg Vtuber designs, logo design, watermarks, stamps, etc)
*For any original design. Please contact me for any commercial use inquiries regarding ANY of my mods.
3. Do not redistribute anywhere
4. Do not use with NSFW lalafell / Do not upscale any lalafell mod past vanilla/re[de]fined lalafell
*Tall mods may be upscaled to any body size
5. Porting my public / free mods to other races are fine as long as credit is provided


hello i like making cute lalafell things and im bad at communicating

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