Premium Content: Birdie Hair – V2 (+ Accessory)

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Public: 12/18/23

Hello!!! This is the second part of the hair series I have been working! It has a similar texture to Birdie I in case you are interested in having several hairs that fit a look for RP or story! It has the main braided bun, then an accessory headpiece with five optional, toggleable parts: a bow, a ribbon, a laurel chain, a snood, and pearls to decorate the snood.

⁍ Miqo, Au Ra, and Viera have earless/hornless options

– Miqo has standard, earless, and one with ear holes for humanoid ears (like elf ears) (may need adjustments depending on your fit!)

– Au Ra has one fit that avoids all the horns (but may clip a bit while the hair moves, just due to how weights work in game) and one that falls a bit more naturally for no horns

– Viera have a standard option with covered ear holes, and then one fit to the hyur viera ears on xma

⁍ VERY SUBTLE highlights – this hair was not highlight friendly to work with but I did my best


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