Premium Content: Birdie Hair – V1

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Public: 11/2/23

Hello!!! This is a hair I have been dreaming of for a long time – it’s version 1, and I have 2 additional braided back versions that in the works (the fitting takes quite awhile unfortunately, but I do think it is worthwhile). I have fun plans for hair accessories in the future also, after I finish some other versions! I really like the idea of hair continuity, so I have these 3 long/down ones, then several bun/ponytail/braid options in the works as well, with similar hair texture/continuity


Hello! Thanks for visiting - I’m Elegy, and I made this page so anyone who would like to support me can do so! I’m a self-employed artist, and I truly appreciate any and all support, as it gives me time to create.

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