Baroque – Gshade / Reshade Preset Pack

Thank you very much for trying my presets out! This preset pack contains a set of 10 and has a more gothic, moodier aesthetic.

I have made these in an old version of Gshade with the latest Gshade shaders, i’m unsure how they will look on Reshade. If you use reshade please let me know if you are having issues with them.

These work outdoors especially and in indoor environments at varying times of day and weather conditions. Note that i have used RTGI for these previews but no post processing. They also work in the studio!

being rather aesthetically moody presets with the optional bloom toggles on, i highly encourage turning them on or off depending on the location, lighting and your desired photo outcome.

These come with unique textures too, please ensure they are installed in the: C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\gshade-shaders\Textures folder to use.

There are also some tips in the folder on using StageDepth shaders.

All textures have either been drawn by myself or are free for public use from the Adobe Stock website.

Presets included:
Altair – A misty preset, perfect for creating an element of mystery with the optional adaptivefog toggle
Alone – A desaturated preset that isolates certain colours
Ephemera – An autumnal hued preset, perfect for woodlands
Hollow – A sepia preset like an old photograph, mutes certain colours to some extent.
Morgana – A cool and light preset
Requiem – A preset with cold undertones that looks best in snowy or night environments
Rhapsody – A preset like the morning sun, inviting and warm
Salvation – A preset like a sunset
Sister – A preset that balances warm and cool colours
Trinity – A green hued preset that looks best by fountains and forests

I always appreciate feedback! and I am happy to help out with any problems or questions.

I am lax about this stuff. You can share these with friends, edit them for your personal use etc just don’t upload as your own and don’t sell them for monetary gain. If someone asks for them, you are free to share them or refer them to a direct link.
Do not use to create harmful, bigoted, hateful content. That’s all I ask!


I do a bit of dabbling. She / Her. I love seeing everyone's beautiful screenshots with my presets! If you're inclined to use a hashtag, #Elvashade or #Elvashaders works just fine!

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