Premium Content: [B+] Dauphine

*~Mod Information~*
☆ Races: Tall races
☆ Gender: Female
☆ Affects:
->Headpiece: Veil of Eternal Innocence
->Dress: Gown of Eternal Innocence
->Shoes&socks: Bootlets of Eternal Innocence
->Parasol: Sky Blue Parasol
☆Requirements: Bibo+ body
☆ Full credit to Shining Nikki
☆ It won’t break for lalafells
☆ Might clip with some poses/hairstyles
☆ This was a commission to Catnerys Pawgaryen ♥ Thank you for allowing me to share it ♥
☆ This mod is VAULTED
☆ There’s a version of the shoes&socks for vanilla legs
☆ You can change the color of the parasol in the colorset
☆ Previews of every piece in the main folder
☆Disclaimer: I use Bibo+ Lithe+ so i cannot guarantee that this mod will work with another body type.

♦Do not publish this mod on other platforms/discords/etc
♦Do not claim this work as your own
♦Personal edits are okay


♥Programms used♥
Blender, Textools, Colorset editor & Photoshop

♥ Sculpt by NeRa; hairstyle by Ruta; ear mod by Setrixi

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