Premium Content: AZ Emo Love Outfit

Emo love outfit. Big shirt and jeans with toggles for ripped jeans or full jeans and to turn the logo on and off on the shirt!

Made for Bibo, Yab and TBSE-X

– Works on all tall bibo based females

– Replaces: Alpine coat and Skyworker’s bottoms

– Bibo+ Large legs and medium chest

– Yab+ WM legs and medium chest

– Tbse-X (no highlander)

– Easy ttmp2 with toggles for all options!

Do’s and dont’s:

– Please dont resell or share it.

– Please dont claim as your own.

– Personal and private edits are okay.


Bibo and Yab body creators. Tbse-x creator

Bird of hermes for helping me with pretty previews! See more of his gposes here:

You can contact me on:

Discord: Azsarah

Please consider following me on twitter <3


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