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Preview image shown with HR3 (Roe), AVB (Lala), Bibo+ (Cat), and TBSE (Elf) skin textures.


Like the look of vanilla bodies, but want an asymmetrical skin texture? Look no further!

Asymm Vanilla Bodies, or AVB, is a body replacement mod that aims to keep all vanilla aspects and proportions of vanilla bodies, with the added benefit of an asymmetrical skin texture. This is done by adding custom asymmetrical skin textures and remapping the skin mesh to follow these new textures.

Unlike most body replacement mods, this affects EVERYONE!

A Devkit is available in the GDrive link, which includes raw textures, and a Blender tutorial for making your own conversions.


• AVB is compatible with skin textures from other base bodies that share a similar UV map, such as Bibo+, TBSE, and HR3. For Lalafells, Otopop now has a compatibility patch starting with version 1.5. It is NOT, however, compatible with Re[De]fined Lalafell!
AVB textures are not compatible with Gen2, Bibo+, TBSE, or HR3 hands and feet. Using these in tandem will cause texture distortion. A fix for this will be implemented at a later date.


Available Add-Ons:
2k Textures for all races


Planned Add-Ons:
Texture blemishes, such as moles for a more asymmetrical look
Compatibility with hands and feet from other base body mods
Muscled normals for select races
 Scaleless Au Ra


Do not republish, re-host, or otherwise redistribute the main installer(s) from its official hosting site(s) without written permission from myself.
 Do not use to create and publish content featuring NSFW Lalafells or any character under the age of 18.
No permanent paywalls.


Relatively new modder who does whatever she feels like. Mostly conversions and mashups.

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