[AVB] Tall Female Bottoms Megapack

Requires: AVB or Bibo+ or a base body compatible with these to be installed.

A megapack featuring bottom conversions to Asymm Vanilla Bodies for all Midlander-based Females.

Want tops? Check out https://www.glamourdresser.com/mods/asymmetrical-chestpiece-collection by SunlitGrove.

AVB Base Body:

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• Do not republish, re-host, or otherwise redistribute the main installer(s) from its official hosting site(s) without written permission from myself.
• Do not use to create and publish content featuring NSFW Lalafells or any character under the age of 18.
• No permanent paywalls.


Relatively new modder who does whatever she feels like. Mostly conversions and mashups.

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