Australis (TB2 Type-2)

A summery set for tb2, featuring a pair of long shorts, a coin/gil necklace & a button up shirt with nine different fabric options to chose from.

Four can be dyed, the other five cannot.


Dyable : Plain, ‘tortoise’, birds, boats.

Non-dyable : Ducks, sheep, swans, flamingos, clouds.


Affects: Shirt – Survival shirt/Linen survival shirt Shorts – Survival Halfslops Necklace – Dai-ryumyaku necklaces

Gender: Male

Race: Midlander based males. (Midlander, miqo’te, au’ra, elezen)

Contributors: Tsar for Tb2. Hoffnung for the graphic, modpack preview images & for the beautifully hand-drawn boat and flamingo patterns. My dad for the original photographs the sheep, duck & swan patterns were made from.


  • – A ko-fi release now made public.
  • – Any problems? Feel free to shoot me a message.
  • – Separated into two modpacks, one for the dyable fabrics and the other for the non-dyable patterns. Both include the files for the shorts & necklace as well, which only need to be installed once, & are optional on the installer for ease of swapping between patterns.
  • – The button colour can be changed via colourset rows 2&3. Comes in a metallic silver as default.
  • – The colour of the necklace strap can be changed via colourset row 16.

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