Au Ra Face Kit

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Name: Au Ra Face Kit
Author: @yuria#0187
Races: Au Ra Females Face 1-4

Au Ra Face Kit v1

This kit includes 4 PSDs for most of your Au Ra face texture needs! All textures are upscaled by waifu2x.
If you don’t have photoshop, uploading a PSD into Photopea and exporting as PNG works as well!

Photopea Guide for Face Kit

⟡ Has a scaleless base, with separate toggleable overlays for horns, neck scales and face scales.
⟡ Includes a neckless overlay, where you can put in a makeup with scales and turn it scaleless. This isn’t perfect and will likely hide extreme blush.
⟡ The scale overlays are not NB, so therefore face 4 neckless will be different to NB.
⟡ Options are available for diffuse, normal and multi textures.
⟡ Disclaimer: It isn’t truly scaleless as it does not hide the in-game toggle face scales; those are controlled by face options you choose in the aesthetician.
⟡ If you have any questions about how to use these PSDs, I highly encourage asking the modhelp channel in HEX, or in your favourite discord server!

Features scheduled for version 2:
⟡ Hi-poly base for all faces
⟡ Hi-poly human & elf ears, UV mapped to an overlay in the PSDs

Terms of Use
⟡ They are free to use commercially or publicly, as long as you credit me and Vermillion.
⟡ I highly encourage mod creators to use these, e.g. by including your makeup inside the PSDs for people to export as needed, or using it for different scale options on import.

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