AsymFaces – Elezen Female

This is a framework mod aiming to make Elezen Female player characters’ heads & faces asymmetrical.
It is part of a larger collection of similar mods.

It is intended to be used with asymmetrical face textures and, I hope, will lead users & creators to build their own custom faces including but not limited to scars/scarring, make-up, freckles, beauty spots etc

More races & genders will eventually be added overtime to this large-scale project.

This mod is FREE and is also accessible through Ko-Fi for those who wish to donate.


Main installation includes a choice between Vanilla, IllyBites, LorFangs teeth.

Download folder includes a variety of (free) additional asym addons for popular face mods, such as:
– Natural Lips

More addons (free or not) may be added in future updates.


This mod adds a new material for Faces (Material FAC_B) in order to support asymmetry & doesn’t break Reaper Enshroud eyes.
It will take over any existing face 3D mods or any addons already present on FAC_B.
The 3D heads models do not reference the default Facial Material FAC_A, so it will not show up in Textools anymore upon installing this mod. However, this mod does NOT alter or remove the default facial Material A, nor the connectors for the neck models.
To make it reappear if you so wish, Disable the 3D Model edit temporarily in the Models tab.

Certain parts of the face models have been intentionally left symmetrical to prevent glitches or unsightly appearance, such as:
– irises
– eyebrows & eyelashes
– inside of the mouth
– tongue
– teeth (vanilla only)
They are mapped to the right hand side of the textures provided or to their default texture.

Every other part, including ears, horns or horn accessories is now mapped to be asymmetrical.

**THIS MOD IS COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY EXISTING BODY MOD** – as it does not affect body textures or models. However, users should make sure their body textures match with whatever face textures they plan on using.

———————KNOWN ISSUES———————

– slight seam across the middle of the faces

All issues that presented during development were stemming from vanilla issues and were unable to be resolved.


Average French Gremlin Author of : - AsymFaces frameworks series - Native Gold Raen & Imperial Jade Xaela (NGRIJX) - Petit Scorpion/Grand Scorpion/Geo/Verno scales sets, among other things - a whole lot more tattoo/skin stuff

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