Premium Content: Aria piercings moon and stars

Nose / Eyebrow / Cheek piercing for Chronos’ Aria sculpt.

Base install comes with black hoops/moon/star and white decorations. The white stars under the eye are part of the piercing and come dyable with the moon decorations.

Hoops, moon and star dyable via colorset row A – 16
White parts dyable via colorset row B – 16

Slot: The Emperor’s new ring (Right)


If you need help with the colorsets, let me know.
If you find any issues with it, let me know.

Do not reupload or claim as your own. You may make changes for personal use but not use my assets to create free or paid content.


Just a student that enjoys posing with and without chains for modders. If you want to support me, tips are appreciated. I'm open to DMs, feel free to hit me up if you need something or want to talk.

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