AR-Nymphaeum (Mashup for Masc Bods)

Name — AR-Nymphaeum
Affected Item — AR-Caean Shirt of Crafting
Races — Hyur Mid . Elezen . Miqo . Au Ra . Viera
Genders — Male
Contributors — Tsar for the TBSE base
ABOUT — This was a private mod and for personal reasons I am now sharing it. I had originally intended to complete this for all bodies, but I cannot find the passion to work on this piece anymore. Still, it does me no good rotting in my mod folder. For those same reasons, I will not be working on this any further. If you find problems, I won’t fix them, but if you would like to fix them, make changes, or port this to other bodies, please feel free! It’s all yours, friends. Do as you will.
Requires TBSE to work.

AR-Nymphaeum (GDRIVE)

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