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AquaShades – ReShade Gameplay Presets

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A simple pack of presets to enhance your gameplay!

Shifting to ReShade proper has inspired me to put together my own presets for gameplay. As such, I’d like to share them to anyone who is also looking to bump up the visuals in their favorite MMO!


These presets make use of base ReShade shaders as well as the optional shaders included in Reshade Version 5.6.0. If you did not download all the available shaders on the initial install, here are the additional packs used:


KeepUI is also used and has been included in the zip file in the “Shaders” folder for anyone who did not back this up with previous Gshade version.


I have some more artistic/Gpose specific presets in the works as well and will share those as soon as they’re ready. If you use these or any of the other presets I put together, I’d love to see them! #AquaShades on Twitter and Tumblr.

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