Premium Content: Apollo’s Locs for m/f HAMERV

A custom locs hair for Rachine’s Azem, Apollo…with possibly the best textures I’ve ever made in my life.

  • Replaces hair 106
  • Includes 2 dye patterns
  • Has highlights
  • Includes earless options for miqo
  • Not hat compatible

The hair clips around the shoulders (and horns) for some races, especially m Roegadyn. I didn’t want the hair to be far from the back, so the clipping is what it is. Y’all know me by now.

I would love it if you tagged me in your character pics on Twitter & Tumblr #nikkibemoddin or @xivnikki.


creator of the glamour dresser and glamour bot. i make mods when i'm not coding for TGD.

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