Amaro Shadowling (mount recolor)

This was my first ever mod release!
I’ve been having a lot of fun spookifying some mounts in the game and wanted to share ^^♥

You’ll receive one ttmp file containing the amaro mount and amaro hatchling recolors. This is a digital download only!

This mod contains:
~ An Amaro Mount recolor to be a spooky shadow bb with glowy red eyes and claws ♥
~ Bonus: mini Amaro Hatchling (bloodling) recolor
The mount and minion are on separate options so you can toggle them on/off if you didn’t want both installed.

I highlyyyyyy recommend using NDE’s Skip ; Amaro Retexture with this! Here’s the link to their awesome red saddle:
(Make sure the saddle is prio’d higher than the Shadowling!)



Please lmk if you come across any issues and I’ll do my best to help!


A spookily inclined gremlin who likes things that glow and the colors black and red. In the spirit of customizations, I also try to make multiple color variations of my mods so that everyone else can get things glowy and in their favorite colors too! ^^♥

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