Aluna is a face sculpt for Hyur Midlander face#5 inspired by the lady of the moon Tsukuyomi. sculpted on the base NPC face #212: Yotsuyu, with a more rounded face, pouty natural lips and eyes that resemble the full moon.

*I chose face 5 for this sculpt as it was the closest resembling look to Yotsuyu’s captivating far eastern beauty.
*deep purple for the eyeshadow as in Tsukuyomi’s kimono, painted mascara on lower and upper eyelids to enhance the 3D lashes, finished with the iconic long liner to complete the far eastern look.
*3D eyebrows and lashes. eyebrows will dye with the hair color.
*face morphs are sane, odd eyes will function correctly.
*face is compatible with custom ears on either head gear or earrings, if you wish to use a *3D model edit* ears with this it will disable the sculpt. however, I will add it to the sculpt if requested.
*elf ears in the preview images are not included.

Permissions: please refer to listing link for perms, ToS, more info and images.


  • Affects:
    Hyur midlander female face #5
  • Body Type:
  • N/A
  • Race(s):
  • Hyur
  • Midlander
  • Gear Slot:
  • N/A

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