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This month’s outfit is a lacy spring gown, lace gloves, lace hose, and some kitten heels! They come in… a lot of options. 🙂 I went a little overboard, sorry! (Also available on patreon.)

⁍ Public: June 16, 2023


⁍ Five patterns: a soft woven cotton; a delicate plaid pattern; cross stitch embroidery; stripes with gold detailing; and a floral

⁍ Multiple dye options, in light, true, or dark options, and then with options to have black or ivory lace trim or shoulders

Hose & Gloves:

⁍ Five patterns: a sheer lace with subtle patterns; a floral lace; a sheer ornamental lace; a crocheted lace; and a rose pattern lace

⁍ Multiple dye options, in trye, light or dark options

⁍ The hose are on shoes, and come either with the shoes or without shoes (with a natural foot shape). They are fit to lithe+, so the bottoms you pick need to be lithe+ to fit, but I wanted to give the flexibility of being able to pick panties


⁍ With or without hose

⁍ Six patterns: fine leather; velvet; butterfly embroidery; gold embellished; flourish brocade; and unicorn brocade

⁍ Multiple dye options, in trye, light or dark options, with complementary details or details in gold



⁍ Fitted to bibo+ lithe (medium top, large/bibo+ calf bottoms)

Made in MD/Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender. Body credit: ✧ lye for lithe+; Tsar, Illy Does Things and bizu for the original Bibo+


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⁍ Please note that I’m not perfect, there might be clipping, but I’ve tried my best


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